MMA welding is ideal for almost all metals and can be used outside or even underwater, yielding good results. Fronius offers suitable devices for both commercial and private users. TIG welding can also be performed with most of our MMA welding systems.

Ease of use, robustness, power and mobility are the properties that the devices in the TransPocket series feature. The clever housing concept ensures absolute operational readiness, even under the most difficult usage conditions. The TransPocket also sets new benchmarks in terms of technology. The resonant intelligence system guarantees an extremely stable arc, even with longer mains leads or in the event of fluctuations in the mains voltage.

Thanks to continuous feedback of the arc to the performance parameters, there is an immediate response to any change. Designed for trade and industry, the devices are also able to withstand even the most difficult requirements in the industrial sector.

New generation of TransPocket 150 and TransPocket 180 devices

The goal while developing the new generation of TransPocket 150/180 devices was simple: to make the good better. Thanks to a fully digitised and intelligent resonance system, the control response has been improved, leading to better ignition, less spatter and a highly stable arc. Furthermore, the optimised housing has made the unit more robust than ever.

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