Renowned Automated Welding Equipment Supplier & Solutions in Malaysia

Based in Selangor and established in 2015, TSIS Welding Solution Sdn. Bhd. has provided complete welding equipment, machines, services and specialist technical assistance for almost a decade in Malaysia. Recognized as one of the most reliable automated welding equipment supplier in Malaysia, we are committed to be your one stop centre for all your welding needs.

At TSIS Welding, our utmost priority lies in ensuring customer satisfaction. Our unwavering commitment to excellence sets us apart from the competition as the premier welding supplier in Malaysia. We achieve this by offering a comprehensive range of high-quality welding machines and equipment catering to diverse welding needs. Moreover, we go beyond traditional solutions by providing cutting-edge automated welding equipment, revolutionising the welding industry. Our dedication to delivering top-notch welding solutions makes us the preferred choice for those seeking the best welding machine and equipment supplier in Malaysia.

As one of the renowned welding company in Malaysia, we believe in providing high quality solutions with Fronius Perfect welding equipment in order to create value for our end users. The relationship we hold with customers is truly based on the principles of trust, integrity and confidence.

TSIS Welding Solutions offers full technical support to provide an innovative solution to our customers who are always welcome to have a test run, demonstration and welding testing sessions before purchasing our products.

Our showroom includes robotic welding cells demonstration equipped and collaborated with Robotic brands such as ABB and KUKA. Besides, there is also a manual welding demonstration area dedicated to perform manual welding for demo sessions, training purpose or other possibilities.

Our welding showroom encompasses training and discussion rooms, which serve as venues for welding seminars and events, and for unveiling the latest technological advancements available in the market. Within this space, Fronius welding equipment is readily accessible for demonstrations, showcasing the epitome of perfect welding solutions. As a leading welding supplier, we are dedicated to assisting you and your business. Whether you require guidance, have inquiries, or wish to explore how we can cater to your needs, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our team is committed to providing unparalleled support and expertise in welding solutions.

Our Vision

To be the best Asia’s one-stop solutions of welding and industrial automation of our customer.

Our Mission

We strive to shift the limits of what customers encounter and give them optimised solutions to solve their problem in welding and industrial automation.

What We Do


Fronius Welding Machine
Fronius Automation System
Robotic Welding Solutions
Automated Welding System


Brazing Rods
Welding Flux


Hand / Head Shields
Electrode Holder / Earth Clamps
Auto Darkening Welding Helmet
Welding Table & Clamps
Welding Curtains

  • Our sales HQ Located in Kapar, Klang.
  • 30 mins drive away from Port Klang
  • 45 mins drive away from KLIA
  • Sales & Marketing Office
  • Area of 10,000 ft2
  • Showroom & workshop
  • Area of 2,000 ft2