Robotic Welding Automation Machine

Robotic welding machine automation has been extensively used in manufacturing and automotive industry in Malaysia. Without a doubt, it can be utilized across the industrial sectors for myriad applications. At TSIS, we specialize in offering high quality Fronius robotic welding machine that guarantees maximum effectiveness as well as efficiency.

Fronius is a full-service provider, system manufacturer and single-source supplier of welding systems for all sectors. Robotic welding machine automation is effective in handling high-volume as well as repetitive welding tasks. What’s more? Their technologies are designed for all types and manufacturers of robots. Other than that, robotic welding machine from Fronius comes with high wire speeds and deposition rates so as to meet all requirements for productivity and precision.

Even higher wire speeds and deposition rates can be achieved thanks to tandem and high-performance systems. The tandem system can achieve wirefeed speeds up to 30 metres per minute and deposition rates can reach up to 20 kilograms per hour. The interplay between the components is perfect and they guarantee completely reproducible, visually flawless weld seams even at the highest of speeds. Needless to say, robotic welding machine is essential tools in industrial settings to enhance quality and productivity.

robotic welding machine

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