Resistance Spot Welding Machine Malaysia

In the automobile manufacturing industry of Malaysia, the utilisation of resistance spot welding machines is widespread. This press welding process is crucial in joining sheets for bodywork and vehicle construction, mainly when using sheet metals during production. Its effectiveness lies in creating robust connections and ensuring enhanced structural stability. The process involves two copper alloy electrodes that generate heat, causing the metal pieces to melt and form a pool at the interface. The metal parts are joined together once the weld zones cool down. This reliable and efficient resistance spot welding machine in Malaysia is a staple in manufacturing, contributing to the automotive industry’s success.

The resistance spot welding solution from Fronius is called DeltaSpot. The resistance spot welding machine from Fronius is integrated with high wire speeds and deposition rates so as to meet all requirements for productivity, accuracy as well as precision. Apart from the functionality, Fronius welding machine is thoughtfully made from high quality aluminium to withstand the pressure during the welding process. Plus, the modular design can perfectly accommodate both right and left-handed operators. With TSIS, you are bound to find best quality resistance spot welding machine in Malaysia as we are the authorized supplier of Fronius welding products.

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