Handy all-rounders

In order for users to achieve optimum results during manual welding, reliable operation is not enough; welding systems also need to be easy to use and highly powerful. A long service life and high quality also play a key role. Fronius offers its customers a comprehensive product portfolio to meet these requirements. The systems are suitable for a wide variety of welding processes and applications across a number of different sectors. For example, they are used in industry, in SMEs, and also in the workshops of agricultural enterprises and handymen.

The TransSteel 2200 is the latest development from Fronius for this segment. This compact three-in-one solution combines MMA welding, gas metal arc welding (MIG/MAG) and tungsten inert gas welding (TIG) in one power source. In addition to this, Fronius is also offering a new TIG series, which comprises the MagicWave 230i, MagicWave 190 and TransTig 230i. Thanks to their rapid signal processors, they always achieve the exact current curve that allows for maximum arc stability with the lowest possible noise emissions. With their special housing, the devices are particularly robust and durable.

TransSteel 2200: more efficient welding of steel

Welding steel requires an exceptionally robust and reliable tool; one that continues to work perfectly even when exposed to the harsh conditions prevalent in machine and steel construction or the production of pipelines, cranes or rail vehicles. Fronius has recently launched the TransSteel 2200. It is the first single-phase MIG/MAG inverter power source from Fronius that is also multiprocess-capable. This makes it an all-rounder that can give customers the best weld properties for MIG/MAG as well as TIG and MMA welding applications. One big benefit is the variety of characteristics available, including for aluminium and copper silicon alloys. The TransSteel also features a second gas solenoid valve that makes it easy to switch from MIG/MAG to TIG. Users will also benefit from the ease of use: operation of the TransSteel 2200 is quick and intuitive. Perfect weld seams can be created in just three steps. The power source also offers a feature that, based on the selected mains fuse protection, sustains the welding operation for as long as possible by automatically steplessly adjusting the welding current, without changing the welding result. The automated Power Factor Correction (PFC) extends the current consumption over time and ensures that the available power is efficiently used. The devices thus have a large action radius, as the PFC technology allows long mains leads to be used, enabling welders to employ them with greater flexibility.

Smart devices for manual TIG welding

To further improve tungsten inert gas welding, or TIG welding for short, Fronius is constantly honing and refining its equipment and processes. During TIG welding, an arc burns between a non-melting tungsten electrode and the metallic workpiece in an oxygen-free, reactionless gas atmosphere. The welder can introduce filler materials to the arc as necessary in the form of rods or wires, which then melt and guarantee the required filling of the weld seam. Due to the inert protective gas shield, there are no chemical reactions with the liquid weld pool. This allows ultra-pure weld seams with exceptional mechanical and technological properties to be produced. TIG welding is thus the first choice when there are specific weld-seam requirements as well as in industries in which the weld seams must be leak-proof, such as the food industry or in container construction. The welding process is also characterised by a concentrated and stable arc; a smooth, even and slag-free weld seam; and spatter-free welding behaviour in almost all positions – all essential prerequisites for maximum seam quality. With the MagicWave 230i, MagicWave 190 and TransTig 230i power sources, Fronius is now offering a new TIG series that provides users with the necessary technology for almost any welding task. The focus here is on networking and digitisation functions, an even wider scope of application, greater ease of use and higher deposition rates.

Greater connectivity: the MagicWave 230i

Connectivity is gaining greater significance in increasingly networked production halls, including for welding technology. This is why Fronius has developed the new MagicWave 230i TIG power source. Together with the TransTig 230i DC power source, it is the first power source from Fronius that communicates with other devices via Bluetooth, WLAN and NFC technology, and can be networked with them. Thanks to the USB ports, software updates can be installed and welding data can be documented with ease. Progress has also been made in terms of hardware. The intelligent high-frequency (HF) ignition ensures perfect ignition properties, while the innovative PFC technology ensures that the devices are extremely energy efficient. An improved, compact cooling unit serves to further extend their service life. The MagicWave 230i is available as a multivoltage version. Using the Fronius Power Plug – a waterproof, lockable plug connector on the rear of the power source – the mains cable or plug can be changed quickly and easily depending on where the device is being used. This means it can be used anywhere in the world – even with different mains voltages.

The MagicWave 230i is also generator-compatible and offers surge protection up to 400 volts, meaning it is portable and can even be used efficiently with unstable grids. The robust housing extends its service life and offers effective protection against damage. The MagicWave 230i’s operating concept has not escaped the attention of the Fronius engineers. Thanks to its multilingual concept, the power source is very intuitive to use. The user can also easily retrieve and set their most important welding parameters with the aid of a favourites button. Another bonus is the redesigned welding torch. An ergonomic grip combined with a torch head changing system as standard increases comfort and convenience, and allows for even more precise handling. A ball joint decouples the welding torch from the highly flexible hosepack and prevents twisting. The integrated, high-performance LED illuminates the seam area efficiently, leaving the welder to concentrate entirely on their primary task: the perfect weld seam.

MagicWave 190 and TransTig 230i: small all-rounders that make a huge impact

The MagicWave 190 is also suitable for welding materials such as stainless steel or aluminium. The power source has 190 amperes and boasts an excellent price-performance ratio. One of the key advantages is that users can extend the 190, as well as the 230i, as desired with various function packages. These include the job function, the PulsPro package to obtain all pulse functionalities, additional data documentation and limit monitoring. The latter aids the user in setting a defined parameter window and keeping to certain welding parameters. The TransTig 230i also forms an integral part of the new series. This pure DC power source can optionally be supplied with a water-cooling system and is suitable for all welding applications apart from aluminium. It has 230 amperes. Just like the MagicWave 230i, the TransTig 230i ticks all the boxes in terms of connectivity. It can communicate with other devices via Bluetooth, WLAN and NFC technology, and can be networked with them. Every device is also available as a multivoltage version, meaning they can be used anywhere in the world – even with different mains voltages.