Inelco Ultima TIG – CUT tungsten grinder

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Technical Data

Grinder facts

Electrode size:
Ø0.8 – 4 mm Cutting: down to 8 mm length

Min. length (grind):
15 mm standard (8 mm with special electrode clamps)

7.5° – 90° grinding angle (equal to 15° – 180° tip angle)

Technical specifications

110V-50/60 Hz, 220V-50/60Hz

Motor effect:

6000 rpm

Grinding speed:
31 m/sec


Environmentally friendly and safe

Ultima-TIG-Cut is an environmentally friendly wet grinder and cutter of Tungsten
electrodes for TIG welding, with minimal wastage of the expensive electrodes.
Ultima-TIG-Cut is constructed with a unique disposable container that automatically collects the toxic dust particles and ensures safe disposal.


The cutter has many setting options, which ensures the precise length needed. Ultima-TIG-Cut makes it simple to make electrode tips with the exact angle and precise length for use in any specific TIG welding job, including robotic and orbital welding.

High quality

Variable angle setting and unique clamping system centres the electrode so that the grinding is carried out correctly in the longitudinal direction of the diamond disc’s running surface. A precise angle of the electrode tip is crucial for weld quality and it increases the number of re-ignitions so that the electrode life is extended.

Simple operation

It is possible to grind and cut the electrode without removing the electrode from the holder. Hence, handling is very simple. Adjust the grinding angle and length once, and produce the same electrode tip again and again.

New engine control with
• Service indicator
• Overload protection
• Readout the number of grindings

Main features of Ultima-TIG-Cut

  • Safe cutting without the electrode splitting
  • Sealed grinding and cutting chamber with dust collector to protect the user
  • Variable cutting length and angle setting gives more flexibility
  • Wet grinding prevents overheating of the electrode during grinding
  • High grinding speed provides faster grinding and a smooth surface
  • Electrode holder ensure centering of the tip and reduces electrode wastage
  • Less electrode wastage means a shorter payback time

Standard unit includes

  • Complete grinding and cutting machine including table, diamond discs and grinding liquid
  • Electrode holder
  • Electrode clamps for Ø1.6 – 2.4 – 3.2 mm electrodes for grinding
  • Tip clamps for Ø1.6 – 2.4 – 3.2 mm electrodes for cutting (Clamps are available for other diameters)

Ultima-TIG-Cut are CE marked and meet all current EU regulations.